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Little Donkey offers catering for any event big or small. From office meetings to weddings, it’s always a hit to surprise folks with good eats. Request details  CATERING@LITTLEDONKEY.CA

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#125, 9220 Glover Road
Langley, Canada V1M 2S1
(604) 371-4775
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Katerina, born in Athens, Greece, always knew she would one day open a restaurant.
She grew up enjoying traditional home cooked Greek dishes and fast food was a rare “once -a -year” treat. She then went on to raise her own family with healthy, homemade meals and this dedication is now reflected on the menu.

As a young girl, her family immigrated to Canada but she continued to enjoy her summers back in Greece spending time with her sisters eating at outdoor tavernas and feeding the working donkeys.

Katerina recalls, “Every morning I would sit at my window watching the donkeys pull their carts full of watermelons along the dirt roads and hear their owners calling out “Karpooooozia.” These memories inspired the name “Little Donkey” which means “burrito” in Spanish and is commemorated by the photo on the wall of little 11 year-old Katerina in Greece riding a donkey

Having lived in Fort Langley for the last 20 years, Katerina could not imagine a better place to realize her lifelong dream to open a little restaurant. She believes in this fast-paced, hectic world, people need to eat well and this led to Little Donkey‘s simple yet healthy menu.  Designed for convenient take-away or eat-in, the burritos are all scratch made in-house using fresh, locally sourced and organic whenever possible, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients.
Katerina says with a smile: “The offering is simple: Beer & Burritos. The two go hand-in-hand.”

She is also thrilled to source many ingredients from the Lower Mainland and offer locally crafted products from Field House’s loved beer to organic coffee freshly roasted by Fort Langley’s own Republica Coffee Roasters.

Welcome to Little Donkey. Enjoy.

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